Easy to Follow Aioli Recipe


The key ingredient to making a scrumptious aioli recipe lies in being patient and selecting the right ingredients. Aioli is a versatile dip and can be served with a variety of food and can be made in different ways with slight changes to the recipe.

Most basic and easy to follow aioli recipe:

The best aspect of this recipe is its short preparation time and there’s room to add other herbs and spices to tweak the flavor.


  • Garlic Cloves  (Quantity depends on garlic to mayonnaise ratio)
  • Single cup mayonnaise
  • Fresh lemon juice (according to taste)
  • Salt (according to taste)


Firstly, remove the skins from the garlic clove and blend them to a fine paste using a blender. Make sure there are no lumps remaining as it will affect the taste and consistency of the dip. Add salt according to taste and thoroughly mix the two together. Remember, the garlic and the mayonnaise ratio should be in proportion to get the taste right, if you overdo the garlic quantity the resultant dip won’t have the desired taste.

Now pour the solution in a small bowl and add mayonnaise and lemon juice to it and stir well. This aioli recipe requires refrigeration of the ingredients after you have stirred them together to bring out its flavor. It is recommended that the solution be wrapped by a thin plastic film and put in the fridge for 45 minutes. Since this aioli recipe is served cold, it goes best as a sandwich spread or dip for eating bar-e-que or sea food.

Subtle Variations

The great thing about aioli is the versatility of the recipes out there! You can experiment on your own by adding ingredients to enhance the taste. For example, if you like your aioli recipe to be spicy and have a tangy taste to it you can add chili powder or paprika to it. Similarly, to give it a varied taste you can also experiment with Italian or eastern herbs. Other variations include using lime juice instead of lemon, the options are only limited by your imagination and how adventurous you are with incorporating and trying out different stuff.

Remember, making a successful bowl of delicious aioli might require a few attempts if you have never made it before and hence the patience rant in the beginning of the article. But once you get the hang of it, you’d be hooked!

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